Between Groucho, Chico, and Harpo, which one was the eldest?

Of the same brothers, which was the second-eldest?

Thirty-seven doctors in the continental U.S. had the same name writers had given to Groucho in A Day at the Races. It was feared that they would be sued the minute they were portrayed on the screen by Groucho Marx as horse doctors. What name was dropped, and replaced with “Hackenbush”?

In the first draft of A Day at the Races, Groucho’s character name was nothing like that in the question above. What was his name?

Harpo changed his real-life first name to “Arthur”. What was it prior to the change?

In which film does Groucho mention Japan?

Which Marx Brother was known for being especially fond of gambling, particularly on the horses?

What was Groucho’s real first name?

What was Chico’s real first name?

What was the name of the producer who is said to have brought credibility to the Marx Brothers’ brand of comedy in A Night at the Opera and A Day at the Races? He died at age 37 during the latter film’s production.

When the Marx Brothers first went into films, Harpo was encouraged to use a blonde wig because it would look better on black and white film. What color was Harpo’s wig prior to his film career?

What was Gummo’s occupation when his four brothers carried on the act?

What Marx Brothers film was eventually banned in the republic of Latvia because it was deemed “worthless”?

During the famous Contract Scene in A Night at the Opera, how much money does Groucho offer Chico to sign Baroni, knowing that Mrs. Claypool will be paying $1000 per night? 

According to most sources, which Marx Brothers movie was Groucho’s personal favorite?

Though his response varied throughout his career, most of the time, Groucho said that this role was his favorite in a Marx Brothers film. What was it?

In which three films does Harpo ride a horse?

In which three films does Groucho say “Pick a number from one to ten”?

In which two films does Harpo drop a gun?

In which two films does Groucho drop a gun?

In which two films does Zeppo get hit in the face?

In which two films does Chico get hit in the head?

Which five Marx films use (in some form) the expression, a light burning in the window?

Margaret Dumont usually plays a rich widow. What is the value of her fortune in Duck Soup(at least)?

What is the value of her fortune in A Night at the Opera?

Who appeared in more Marx Brothers films, Margaret Dumont or Zeppo?

Other than Margaret Dumont, which supporting actor appeared in more than two Marx Brothers films?

Other than Margaret Dumont and the answer to the question above, which six supporting actors appeared in more than one Marx brothers film?

In which two films is Chico offered $500? (He rejects one, accepts the other, but both go much higher.)

Which famous comedy team, other than the Marx Brothers, did Thelma Todd appear with in film?

In which three films does Groucho avoid paying his taxi fare?

In which three Marx Brothers films is there a character called the Professor?

In which two Marx Brothers films are Margaret Dumont’s guests called animals?

In which two films does Groucho try to sell insurance?

What do Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe and Katherine Hepburn have in common with the Marx Brothers?

What tune from A Night at the Opera is repeated in A Day At the Races?

Which famous rock group had albums named after the two films in the question above?